E-Mail Signature

Here is the official OneSpring E-Mail Signature:

———  Signature Start (do not copy this line) ———–

Your Name
Your Title

(XXX) XXX-XXXX mobile
(770) 804-3153 fax

OneSpring | The Requirements Agency

Optional Quote must be related to what you do – gaining clarity, visualization, UX, business analysis etc.  Multiple quotes can be randomized.  It should be short & sweet. – Person Quoted

———  Signature End (do not copy this line) ———–

Here are the hexadecimal color values for OneSpring E-Mail Signatures:

  • #000079 (first and last name blue)
  • #777777 (phone number grey)
  • #1d8adf (logo blue)
  • #555555 (logo tag grey)

Please do not change the font, sizing, color, format or spacing. Notice the space at the beginning. This will ensure that your signature has a buffer from the end of your email.

PFAQ (Preemptive Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Why is there no email address in the signature?
A. Your email is inherently part of the email message itself, it is not necessary to repeat it.

Q. Why is there no mailing/office address?
A. This is very rarely used and really just takes up space. Keeping it clean and simple. Plus we have two addresses which is confusing at best. If people need to mail you or visit the office, they’ll ask or can look on our web site (http://www.onespring.net/contact)

Q. Why is there an ‘http://’ in the url?
A. Some email programs are not capable of interpreting a URL without the http://. Adding this ensures that most email programs will interpret the URL as a link.

Q. Why is there no separator?
A. These are really holdovers from the old Newsgroups to allow the smooth flow of conversations. The sig-separator allowed news software to strip out signature files when replying. They look impersonal in an email signature.

Q. Can I use something other than “Requirements Evolved”?
A. Not at this time. This is our current campaign as part of our “The Requirements Agency” slogan.

Q. I have a suggestion on how the signature could look better, who do I send it to?
A. Send it to me. We’ll consider for future updates.

Q. I copy/pasted into my email program but it looks bad and I haven’t been able to figure out how to adjust it. How do I fix this?
A. Contact Me.

Q. How do I put a signature in my email?
A. Contact Me.