Lost hours

How many hours have you lost due to poor software? For me personally there is one product that takes the cake and if there is an award for this, Sonexis would win it for my vote. We use Sonexis with one of our Federal clients and every single time we use it we encounter at least 30 minutes of configuration and compatibility issues. We’ve been using this for nearly two years and we estimate we have lost over 200 hours of time. If you combine the number of meetings x the number of people x the number of lost minutes dealing with software issues you reach an extremely high number of lost hours. Now if this trend is consistent with other products how many thousands of hours and millions of dollars are lost each year due to poorly written software.

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  • Jason Moccia

    That’s why good usability must be combined with good design and architecture. You have to get both right. Failing on either side disqualifies the other side by association.

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