Targeted communication with iRD

iRD (Interactive Requirements Document) on the iPad and iPhone 

Shared vision is vital to the success of your software project. We integrate iRD™, or Interactive Requirements Document™, into the delivery of requirements to bridge between what was decided and what will be implemented. iRD makes targeted, focused communication a reality. Each audience – business stakeholders, graphic designers, developers, QA testers – can see exactly what they need to know, when they need to know it.

Utilizing devices like the Apple iPad, the iRD keeps your requirements organized and centralized for all of your team members. Text, graphs, and videos become integral parts of your requirements, taking the place of the traditional volumes of one-size-fits-all documentation, making delivery clearer and more readable for every eye on your team.

Avoid Interpretation. Enhance Comprehension.

As software projects grow larger and more intricate, the supporting documentation mushrooms. Meaning and direction are lost in a welter of definitions, details, and exceptions. You know the process all too well.

But it can be different. Your documentation can be simple, usable, comprehensive, and clear.

Effective Delivery Is Interactive

iRD (Interactive Requirements Document) on the iPad and iPhone

You don’t receive the daily news in the same way you did ten, five, or even two years ago. Mobile apps, videos, audio clips, social networks, websites, RSS feeds, text messages, IMs and blogs—even a print out is yours when you want one. You choose how to get the news in the way that works for you.

We take the same approach to requirements. We put the best modes of interactive communication to work for you. We distill meaning and dispense with confusion and misinterpretation. We don’t play “telephone” with your requirements: what you see is what you get, every step of the way, from project inception to product release.

Introducing the iRD™

With iRD™, or Interactive Requirements Document™, we bridge the gap between what was decided during requirements gathering and what will be implemented in the product. Effective documentation includes user needs as well as stakeholder requirements, identifying how to code and develop software that turns users into enthusiastic brand loyalists.


How It Works

Relying on usable, attractive devices like the Apple iPad, the iRD keeps requirements organized and centralized and distributes them so that team members from architects to business people have the knowledge they need when they need it. Reading requirements becomes a pleasure, not a chore.

A lightweight, highly portable hand-held device holds volumes of information and detail. Interactive documents and electronic media enable your team to experience requirements at the level that is relevant for them. Users can stop at visualization, try out a workflow, or zero in on the technical details. The iRD prevents tiresome page flipping and sifting through tables, charts, and spreadsheets that are intended for others. Users can find both the overviews and the details that keep the project vision clear and make it come to life.

The OneSpring Difference

The fundamental problem is a lack of understanding.

We will provide clarity and life to your requirements delivery so it can be more easily consumed. The results are a superior form of communication for the ultimate vision of your project. And an end product that creates user satisfaction. By increasing clarity we decrease misinterpretation, allowing you to develop faster & save money.

At OneSpring we simplify the delivery process in a more advanced way, while keeping your requirements organized and up to date. Now any member of your team can easily find what they need, without tearing through piles of paper and text. And, process is tailored for every project, avoiding the traditional one-size-fits-all documentation.

Our delivery becomes the communication hub for your software project.

Let us help you deliver the best software possible.  Contact us today.