JAD Session vs. JAM Session, what is the difference?

If you’re in the technology field chances are you’ve heard of Joint Application Design sessions, or JAD Sessions. This is a meeting where project team members get together with stakeholders to identify and document requirements for software applications. We’ve used these types of sessions in the past and have evolved our thinking to improve this approach. OneSpring developed the Joint Application Modeling (JAM) session as a new way to define software requirements. It uses visualization technology and real-time documentation to define better requirements in less time.

This infographic was created to show the difference between a JAD Session and JAM Session.

JAM is the new JAD Infographic by OneSpring

Jason Moccia

Jason Moccia

Jason Moccia has over 16 years of experience in the software development field and is the CEO of OneSpring LLC (www. onespring.net). OneSpring helps companies evolve ideas and to innovate more effectively through the use of design and rapid prototyping.

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