We help clients define, design, and develop the right solution, the first time. We accomplish this by putting a strong focus on clarifying the vision and requirements for an idea early in the lifecycle. Understanding and clearly communicating your idea is essential to developing the right “thing.”

Our approach is simple, yet powerful. What makes it unique are the skill-sets, processes, and thought leadership we bring to every engagement.


OneSpring helps companies define early stage ideas through Interactive Storyboarding and Pre-Visualization techniques.

These techniques are usually employed during the early stages of the lifecycle; such as, the Idea and Scoping phases.  These are the stages in which ideas are vetted and validated against market demands.  They also occur as part of analyzing a company’s portfolio, where funding is usually decided.


To accomplish this, new skill sets are needed earlier in the lifecycle.  Our team members utilize a number of creative capabilities to help companies flesh out compelling ideas in half the time.



User Experience – We have been providing hands on user experience to clients since the company’s inception.  User experience is a cornerstone of our service offering and is embedded in everything we do.  We fully believe that providing a better user experience is critical to growing market share and overall user adoption.

Requirements Analysis:  Also referred to as Business Analysis, our team members are well versed in defining complex system requirements.  We have the capabilities to capture high level requirements all the way to functional and system requirements.

Rapid Visualization:   Visualization is the process by which we rapid prototype ideas to gain stakeholder and user consensus.  OneSpring uses the latest technologies to build working prototypes in less time than traditional approaches.

Creative Design: We utilize top flight creative talent to bring ideas to life.  Our team of designers are not only fast and efficient, they’re highly driven to produce designs that wow our clients.

Market Research:  During the early states of the lifecycle, market research is critical.  OneSpring works with clients to validate market potential, user expectations, and overall market potential.


Next, we explore potential solutions through a highly iterative design process utilizing rapid prototyping.

This allows us to quickly socialize and test alternatives until the optimal solution is achieved. This approach allows your stakeholders to experience the solution and ensure it meets the defined success criteria. Finally, we take a lean approach to defining and building applications, which reduce risk and waste for our clients. We explore potential solutions through a highly iterative design process utilizing rapid prototyping.


We then utilize an Agile software development approach to build applications. This allows us to make adjustments faster and more efficiently.

The focus is on quick iterations and validation checkpoints. This is enforced through proactive collaboration and clear communication during the Validation and Design phases of our process, which run in parallel to the Development phase.