“OneSpring utilizes Design Thinking and time-boxed Design Sprints to simplify complex business problems and applications. One technique is called the JAM Session, which is a highly focused session where we use rapid prototyping and visualization to define customer journey’s, processes, interfaces, and product concepts quickly.”

Customer Experience

Making Meaningful Connections

We provide an outside perspective and guidance to help organizations to digitally transform their business to focus on the needs and goals of their customers. We dive deep to better understand the customer’s needs and goals based upon behavioral insights and then turn this data into actionable solutions crafted through thoughtful design that exceeds expectations.

Case Study:

Cox Communications

Reimagining the Employee Experience for Cox Communications.

Our Customer Experience Approach


Research + Strategy


Journey Mapping




Analytics + Optimization

Process Improvement

The Journey of Continuous Improvement

We focus on improving the experience for any type of business process, customer buyer journey, or task-based workflow by identifying the points-of-friction and implementing actions for improvement. Using a comprehensive and data-driven approach, the future-state improvements are measured and a plan for continuous improvement is engaged.

Case Study:

Travelport Customer Onboarding

Helping to expedite the customer onboarding process, while elevating the experience with high-touch engagement.

Our Process Improvement Approach


Current-State Mapping


Gap Analysis


Future-State Mapping


Implementation + Education


Measurement + Optimization

Digital Design

Driving Digital Business Forward

Our multidisciplinary team of researchers, designers, technologists, and business strategists combine their talents to create digital products and services that drive business value for customers through compelling and useful solutions. By following a build, measure, learn cycle in our efforts, we help ensure all design solutions are validated with customers before full release.

Case Study:

Beachbody P90X

Powering the next generation of P90X fitness for Beachbody.

Our Digital Design Approach


Strategy + Alignment


Research + Immersion


Ideation + Prototyping


Testing + Validation


Activation + Socialization