OneSpring worked with CRS to previsualize a number of potential projects. Previsualization enables stakeholders to see what their project is going to look like, before the project truly gets started.

Leveraging the OneSpring Previsualization process, the team was able to rapidly narrow down the projects they had the time and money to accomplish. Once the project was chosen, they then employed the OneSpring Stream Process™ to define and visualize the project.

Watch the presentation below from the iRise Fusion User Group Conference in Washington DC in October 2010. Shaun Ferris of CRS and Scott McDowell of OneSpring explains how CRS was able to accomplish an amazing project in record time and at a tremendous cost savings.

We believe software has the power to impact our world. This is just one example.


  • Reduced project schedule
  • Improved Quality
  • Eliminated Project Re-work
  • Drove new technology innovations