The Art of Integration

By April 6, 2007Blog

Visualization is a way for businesses to see and experience their IT project before any coding is done.

Choosing the right visualization product to integrate into your existing methodology is very important. Key factors to consider when choosing a simulation product are:

  • Will the visual representation produced by the simulation product mirror the actual look and feel of the application?
  • Will the simulation product incorporate business logic into the look and feel to illustrate the actual user experience of the final application?

Integrating a Simulation product will allow business users and developers to interact with the product before development actually begins. Products exist that allow a Business Analyst to create a Web application complete with functionality in a short timeframe. Web-based tools give business units the ability to share and review the various iterations of the application easily over the Internet.

With all of these features considered, the actual integration of the product becomes easy. Where traditional projects must dedicate substantial time and cost to initiating change requests and working out development issues after the fact, simulation allows your team to deal with these issues as the process is evolving.

Effective simulation products utilize an iterative approach, ensuring that products will be completed on budget, on time and with the approval and complete understanding of the end users. Integrating simulation into your existing methodology is easy with the right product and will give your developers a clear understanding of what to build and will reduce the likelihood of costly changes that will delay your project.

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