Project Overview

King & Spalding is a leader in the legal industry with a focus on utilizing technology to further their mission. OneSpring has worked with King & Spalding on several internal initiatives, most notably an Intranet Redesign effort.


Intranet Redesign


King & Spalding

What We Did

Design, Visualization, User Experience, Requirements Definition

Designing In-House

OneSpring worked closely with King & Spalding to help define and design a next generation Intranet solution. To accomplish this OneSpring had to bring on talent knowledge in Intranet design and best practice. In order to implement a successful Intranet solution for King & Spalding we had to incorporate great design while catering to the complex needs of the organization.

Next Generation Legal Systems

Developing complex systems within an established, complicated, and paper based industry requires specialized consultants that understand the space. Ramp up takes time and requires broad based consensus. As a result, OneSpring uses design to help communicate complex problem. We have found over the years that design crosses industries and is not inhibited by complexity. This is the position we took with King & Spalding.