OneSpring is fortunate to have worked with a wide range of clients from small companies to Fortune 500 companies to large Federal agencies. Here are the clients we have had the privilege of working with over the past 8 years.

As one of the world’s largest providers of business outsourcing solutions, ADP has an extensive product suite that spans the areas of Human Resources, Payroll, Tax and Benefits Administration. We helped ADP rapidly visualize and define a product extension within their HR solution platform in just two weeks. The quality of our results and the efficiency of our design approach, using the Stream Process™, has enabled us to provide additional product design solutions for other divisions.
AFT Logo The American Federation of Teachers was founded in 1916 to represent the economic, social and professional interests of classroom teachers. We performed strategic project work for the organization that allowed AFT to better communicate with its affiliates nationwide. The AFT has more than 3,000 local affiliates nationwide, 43 state affiliates, and more than 1.4 million members.
Ally Bank LogoOneSpring worked on the redesign of the GMAC mortgage transactional site from requirements through to design providing user experience and process expertise. Additionally we assisted Ally’s user experience team with process implementation & improvement.
Anacom LogoBased in Portugal, Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM) is the regulatory body for the electronic and postal communications sector for the country. With a strong requirement for accessibility compliance, ANACOM reached out to us for auditing services to ensure their web sites met the appropriate standards. Unlike other User Experience firms with similar auditing capabilities, ANACOM was compelled to work with us due to our unique visualization approach that provided prototypes as the “blueprints” for more effectively communicating our recommendations. Using a shared and secured platform, we were able to quickly deliver the prototypes to the ANACOM team which helped expedite the entire process. Through these efforts, we played a key role in helping ANACOM achieve W3C Level 1 compliance.
BBTBuilding on a tradition of excellence in community banking that stretches back to 1872, BB&T offers customers a complete range of financial services including banking, lending, insurance, trust, and wealth management solutions. We helped BB&T map and visualize a complex online banking feature and provided visualization best practice mentoring.
Boeing LogoWorking with the Integrated Defense Laboratory division of Boeing, we provided software training and mentoring services to further educate the group on the capabilities of the iRise visualization platform. Our unique approach to training and mentoring focuses more on the methodology of visualization than the software toolkit itself, thus ensuring that users not only understand the tools but also when to use them and how to best leverage their benefits for different business and IT challenges.
CRSCatholic Relief Services (CRS) is about connecting and helping more than 80 million people in more than 100 countries. The key to this connection is about knowing their customers and information about those customers; whether they are parishes, universities, bishops or donors. CRS recognized the need for an enterprise CRM to aid in the information retrieval and access to such data. We provided Visualization services and through our process Stream enable multiple deparents to collaborate around a common CRM vision while simulating the user interface and documenting the business processes and requirements. Case Study
Cbeyond LogoCbeyond’s mission is to deliver “big business” communications services to small business customers at prices they can afford. To accomplish this mission it takes a team of dedicated and empowered sales professionals with the ability to adequately demonstrate the product’s value proposition. We recreated the Cbeyond customer portal enabling hundreds of sales professionals to demonstrate product offerings in a secure non-production environment. Additionally we provided training and mentoring services on visualization and requirements elicitation.
ClearGauge LogoThe healthcare industry is plagued with many inefficient systems and processes especially in the area of payment collection, patient comprehension & payment management. ClearGage, a start-up firm in Florida aims to modernize this sector with their custom and easy to use payment gateway & portal. Like all startups, ClearGage faced the same hurdles when launching and building a new product, one such obstacle is the ability to correctly articulate the needs and features of their product. Our ability to rapidly define and iterate ClearGage’s product vision allowed us to build an interactive blueprint of their product in just a few short weeks, enabling a faster time to development with less ambiguity and fewer defects.
USGC Logo OneSpring employed our Stream visualization process to help the USCG improve the overall usability, efficiency and effectiveness of its CMS application. To accomplish this, OneSpring ran a Joint Application Modeling (JAM)® workshop on-site at the USCG’s shipbuilding facilities. In just three days, team members from OneSpring, Blue Water, and the USCG addressed every major problem with the legacy system and rapidly prototyped an enhanced application. Case Study- USCG (PDF)
CokeWe provided a myriad of services to Coca-Cola ranging from information architecture and visual design to Agile RDM and visualization.

CompuCredit LogoWe provided a myriad of services to CompuCredit ranging from information architecture to visual design to training and mentoring. Throughout the engagement we aided in the product management strategy and creation of 3 financial card servicing products while contributing the necessary user experience design expertise to create a unified framework on which all products are shared.
Cox LogoFrom defining mobile device applications to process re-engineering, we continue to assist both Cox Enterprises and Cox Communications with their software design and engineering initiatives. We introduced the use of visualization into the company’s current process to drive efficiency and quality throughout the product definition phases.
Cox LogoWe worked closely with Cox Enterprises to evaluate their current requirements definition process. Our task was to interview management to find bottlenecks in the current process and to recommend new approaches and best practices to create efficiencies and reduce redundancies.
Deloitte LogoWe were engaged through our partner to assist Deloitte on a complex visualization effort for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Our in-depth expertise provided the necessary skills in order to bring a project back on track. We provided mentoring and guidance to the junior-level Deloitte consultants allowing them to quickly ramp-up and still provide a high quality of service while learning a new approach for software definition.
Delta Air Lines LogoSince 2006, we have been engaged by Delta Technology (DT) to provide User Experience Design, Business Analysis and Visualization Training & Mentoring expertise. Additionally DT engaged us to provide strategic guidance for the integration roadmap and adoption plan for visualization within the company’s current methodology, this offering is part of our trademarked, Center of Visualization Excellence™.
Case Study – Delta Airlines
Emory Healthcare LogoWe are working with Emory Healthcare to help them gain a better understanding of their users’ behavioral patterns. Through our in-depth user research and usability testing services we are performing various services including one-on-one interviews, usability testing and heuristic evaluations.
Equifax LogoEquifax has engaged us on numerous consumer facing applications which play a key role in their product portfolio. From Heuristic Evaluations to Portal design, we provides User Experience insights via application definition to help Equifax drive consumer loyalty and utilization.
Erdas LogoLeica Geosystems was undergoing a major transformation that included a re-branding of the company name to Erdas and integrating the product lines of three companies that had been recently acquired. With a critical need to minimize risk, Leica Geosystems brought in OneSpring and their ad agency partner, The Arketti Group, to plan, design and document the company’s new web presence. Through visualization and our Stream Process approach, we were able to rapidly design the information design and structure of the new site for Arketti to create a rich visual design. The visualization also proved invaluable to the Leica team in outlining a “screen deck” for content planning. With the challenge of integrating numerous products and services this benefit was key to tackling the content creation challenge.
E*Trade LogoE*TRADE provides online banking and brokerage services. We provided a series of advanced visualization training and mentoring programs for the Etrade business analysis team.
Grady_LogoGrady Healthcare System turned to us to help them define, design and build their new web site. We employed our Stream Process and worked with Grady stakeholders to visualize the initial site concept and functionality in less than a week. Subsequent iterations showed Grady not only exactly how their site would function, but the content of each page was presented in the context of the final design – without a single line of code being written. This enabled Grady to go from concept to production in under 3 months. Their new site dramatically improves user experience and provides innovations not found in other healthcare sites.
Press Release: Grady Health System (PDF)
IHG LogoWe have been engaged with IHG on over 40+ initiatives during the past several years and continue to deepen our relationship on both a strategic and tactical level across multiple lines of business. Projects range from Web 2.0 solutions, eCommerce, Branding, a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) project and many other internal applications. IHG has utilized OneSpring’s entire array of services from Business Analysis to User Experience Design to Center of Visualization Excellence™.
ICE LogoAs software modernization becomes a prominent initiative among Fortune 500 and government agencies, our unique ability to rapidly visualize changes to existing software and manage the risk of these modernization efforts by seeing the end vision before any coding begins. We are working with Immigration, Customs and Enforcement (ICE) to conduct and host over 20 JAM Sessions® to ensure the cost effective and proven end user supported requirements.
IRSWe worked with the IRS to visualize over 600 pages of representing the end-to-end business system. In addition, we trained internal IRS employees on the best practices of visualization and basic use of visualization tools. In short, we helped a team that had been stuck on a process redesign for two years, in just three days.
King & Spalding LogoAs one of the most prominent law firms in the US, King & Spalding has a strong IT group to serve the demanding technology needs of the thousands of employees and the firm’s partners. We were engaged to audit the usability and performance of many key applications within the firm’s global Intranet platform. We provided a findings report with recommendations. At the request of the CIO, we helped King & Spalding blueprint our recommendations so their internal IT team could implement the recommended solutions. Using our Stream Process, we were able to quickly visualize the solutions and the IT team could implement in a fraction of the time they normally would be engaged – thus garnering considerable savings while helping improve the usability of their Intranet.
Leaseplan LogoA corporate fleet leasing company located in Atlanta and Chicago, the client used complicated AS400-based “green screen” applications. New users needed two weeks or more to familiarize themselves with system basics such as transaction codes. The tedious, intricate system depended on a decade’s worth of cumbersome workarounds. A recent merger of companies, intended to leverage economies of scale, resulted in technical complexities of clashing systems and required separate, dedicated call centers to serve each system.
OneSpring Case Study – LeasePlan (PDF)
March of Dimes LogoAs the leading nonprofit organization for pregnancy and baby health, The March of Dimes’ mission is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. We had the great pleasure of working with The March of Dimes on two key initiatives the redesign of their internal fundraising & events management system as well as the externally-facing
Case Study- March of Dimes (PDF)
McKesson LogoMcKesson wanted to integrate their 42 different customer support sites into a single unified Customer Service portal. We were a part of the team that created the new Customer Service portal from the ground up. Our involvement included in-person and remote user interviews to determine the foundational user requirements, creation of the initial information architecture and interaction design, remote usability testing of simulated designs, and support in creation of the system’s taxonomy. This project was nominated within McKesson as one of the projects that had a Major Positive Impact in 2008.
Merrill Lynch LogoThrough our valued partnership with iRise, we were called upon to provide mentoring and training for the iRise product suite. This led to the increased adoption of the product internally and an increased diversity in our deep knowledge of the financial services industry. • Training & Mentoring
MPAA LogoAs the voice and advocate of the American motion picture, home video and television industries, the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA) has an additional role of fighting piracy. As part of this defense the MPAA relies on a vast database of information regarding who sells, acquires, copies or distributes copyrighted materials. To manage this data requires a sophisticated web-based application and one that is easy to use. This is where we come into the picture (pun intended) by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to design a global, decentralized and equally important, usable platform. Over a 4 week period, we simulated and documented the needs of this system allowing the MPAA to quickly shop the simulation around to over a dozen vendors for development, ultimately saving weeks on the selection process.
Newell Rubbermaid LogoWhen Newell Rubbermaid’s Graco Baby division wanted to redesign their web site, they turned to OneSpring. We held a serious of JAM Sessions to capture, validate and document the project requirements and created a high fidelity visualization of the new web site. Stakeholders all over the world were able to collaborate in real-time on the new site.
Northrop Grumman LogoIn less than 2 weeks, using our unique Stream Process™, we helped Northrop Grumman visualize the baseline of an enterprise Quality Assurance Management System that won the hearts and minds of the Product, QA and IT team members alike. Until now, this critical system project had failed to gain traction numerous times over multiple years due to misreprented requirements, lack of consensus among stakeholders and an established vision for the purpose of the project. The Stream Process™ combined with rapid-design and visualization helped to clearly illustrate the benefits and value of this much needed enterprise application.
Pergo LogoWe were contracted by a large traditional advertising agency to assist in the overhaul of the website. We partnered with the agency to produce the Information Architecture and User Experience Design deliverables, which were utilized by the development and creative teams as the blueprint for Pergo’s new site.
Revue Interactive LogoAs a leading interactive strategy and design firm based in the UK, Revue Interactive was working with Spire Healthcare, the UK’s largest private hospital network, to re-brand and better position its online presence. To help in this endeavor, Revue engaged us to rapidly visualize a prototype of the new Spire Healthcare web site in less than 2 months. This effort helped secure key stakeholder confidence and executive approval for driving the new brand strategy and roadmap for the campaign.
Sprint LogoWe have been working with Sprint for over 2 years in parallel with one of our key partners, TWG Consulting. Our involvement with Sprint continues to cover many areas of IT, from Portal and Security requirements to strategy and software simulation initiatives.
TravelportTravelport offers the most advanced processing systems for prepaid cards while pioneering the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) delivery model for card payments. Through longstanding and valued relationships, we were engaged by Travelport to assist in the user experience and product definition of their customer service management application and consumer facing product lines.
TxVia LogoTxVia offers the most advanced processing systems for prepaid cards while pioneering the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) delivery model for card payments. Through longstanding and valued relationships, we were engaged by TxVia to assist in the user experience and product definition of their customer service management application and consumer facing product lines.
UPS LogoWhen UPS was ready to release a major upgrade of their WorldShip application for both domestic and international markets, we were called in to help. Using the Microsoft RITE method for iterative testing, we built a high-fidelity visualization that was tested and refined in both markets before finalizing the product blueprint for development.
VA LogoAs with many governmental agencies, the VA is working hard to modernize and consolidate its many technology platforms. In partnership with CACI, OneSpring helped the Veterans Administration elicit and visualize a new application which assists the entire surgical process from initial surgery determination to check-out. OneSpring visited a number of VA hospitals and worked with doctors, nurses and administrators all over the United States to define an application and process which will benefit all VA hospitals and improve patient care. As a result of this work, OneSpring is now the official visualization company for the VA.
Wells Fargo LogoOneSpring worked with Wells Fargo on several projects. We applied our visualization expertise on an internal intranet application which enables employees to order essential equipment such as phones, VPN access, mobile devices, and more from the IT department. We also visualized a redesign of the entire credit card application process for consumers on the Wells Fargo web site.