Digital Transformation is Driven by
Great Customer Experience.

Digital Transformation starts by understanding your customers and employees

One of the top goals for business leaders today is digitally transforming their businesses. There are many reasons for this but at its core, executives understand that in order to keep pace in the market, they have to evolve the way their organizations interact and communicate with their customers and employees.

This is driven by the consumerization of technology which has dramatically increased customer expectations. Digital Transformation is about creating seamless experiences for customers and employees through the use of technology. By doing so, businesses increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduce costs, and improve employee satisfaction and retention. Differentiation in the market use to be driven by marketing and technology, but the new model is driven by experiences.

Leading organizations put customers
at the center of their strategy

Digital Transformation is not about technology alone, it’s about gaining alignment and understanding of how customers expect to use the technology to gain value. OneSpring focuses on four key areas that leading organizations are deploying to drive results.

Transformation starts with understanding your customers.

Understanding how and why your customers interact with your brand may seem simple, but understanding their emotions, pain-points, and overall experiences are critical to transformation. Our team of researchers and user experience professionals are well versed in gathering and mapping customer insights.

Mapping out system and technology end-points

Understanding the technological touch-points your organization has across the business is critical to transformation. Mapping out the end-points helps determine what channels customers and employees utilize to interact with your brand, which helps determine behavioral insights, operational redundancies, and leadership alignment, or misalignment.

Creating a Digital
Transformation roadmap

Digital Transformation doesn’t happen overnight, it takes skilled organizations months if not years to fully transform. Understanding where you are at today so that you can create a strategy for tomorrow is instrumental to success. Our team utilizes a human-centered design and Agile approach to fleshing out strategic and technical details through executive and collaborative workshops to identify priorities and get everyone on the same page.

Culture and mind
shift changes

In order to be effective with any transformation effort, you have to communicate and shift your cultural thinking. This can be accomplished through creating and sharing clear objectives and opportunities to interact with one another throughout the organization. Workforce enablement technology, group discussions, and one-on-one leadership forums help foster a sense of community and purpose. Our team has set up these types of structures in the past with great success.

OneSpring helps our clients navigate the
complexities of Digital Transformation by
putting the customers at the center of the strategy.

Our customer experience and user experience specialist help our clients transform their businesses through innovative solutions and techniques that deliver value quickly and effectively. From human-centered design expertise and Agile deployments to customer journey mapping and rapid prototyping, our team is well equipped to help our clients deliver on their visions.

Case Studies:

John Deere