Project Overview

Aptean customers use their solutions to solve complex and continually changing business problems. OneSpring was brought on to design an iPad mini version of their popular Made2Manage software. Made2Manage is a directly-delivered enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, services and support solution.


Made2Manage ERP



What We Did

Mobile, Facilitation, Visual Design, User Experience, Visualization, Functional Requirements Definition

Digital Transformation

Mobile versions of popular software are not only important, they are expected in todays market. Most applications developed for mobile devices are extensions of current product offerings. This poses its own set of challenges because you have to balance between already adopted standards of use with new responsive and restricted designs. OneSpring accomplish this through real-time prototyping to test interactions side by side, to better balance form and function.

Designing with Aptean

OneSpring worked closely with Aptean to define Mobile2Manage based on iPad mini form factors. We accomplished this by creating a template of the iPad interface through the use of specialized visualization tools. This gave the team a blank slate to work from while designing the application and it allowed the team to work with Aptean in real-time to define the solution.