Project Overview

OneSpring was brought onboard to help Coca-Cola drive an innovative approach to defining user requirements that combines Software Visualization, Customer Experience (CX), User Experience (UX) and Requirements Definition. The mixture of these capabilities helps reduce project timelines, costs, and rework.





What We Did

Mobile, Facilitation, Visual Design, User Experience, Visualization, Functional Requirements Definition, Process Improvements

21st Century Innovation

OneSpring worked on numerous projects for Coca-Cola using User Experience best practices. We also introduced the principles of Agile Requirements Definition and Management (RDM) on several projects. Agile RDM is unique extension of Agile Scrum that leverages rapid prototyping to define Visual User Stories.

Understanding the Customer Journey

OneSpring pioneered the concept of Interactive Storyboarding which was utilized at Coca-Cola. Interactive Storyboarding combines traditional storyboards with embedded visualizations. The goal is to enhance the story to help elicit better feedback from customers and users.