Project Overview

As a leading communication, automotive, and media conglomerate, Cox Enterprises was planning a company-wide reorganization within all areas of human capital to improve operational efficiencies and increase their responsiveness to the increased market demands. A key area on which the success of this program depended was first focusing on the business transformation of the Human Resources (HR) areas across all divisions of the enterprise.


Cox Enterprises HR UX Strategy & Roadmap


Cox Communications

What We Did

Employee Experience Strategy, User Experience Strategy & Guiding Principles, User Research, Experience Design, Information Design, Data Visualization, Digital Product & Service Ideation, Product & Service Roadmap

Employee Experience Strategy

Cox Enterprises needed a strategy and plan for this multi-year program.  To develop the strategy our team conducted user research across the divisions to better learn and understand the commonalities and differences in needs and work practices. These insights led to a customer experience strategy that was “employee-centric”.  We then developed guiding principles that directed the tactical planning and creating of a 3-year roadmap that was prioritized on the goals of the employees and the business.

User Experience Strategy & Guiding Principles

Each touchpoint in the employee journey was further articulated in an interactive visualization and prototype that served as a powerful planning and communication platform to guide the business transformation.  At the completion of this strategic engagement, our team continued to support Cox Enterprises in further defining and designing a number of milestone initiatives on the roadmap.