Project Overview

John Deere is on the cutting edge of technology in the agricultural industry with new and innovative products being design, developed, and tested on a regular basis. John Deere hired OneSpring to utilize our unique approach to defining complex software applications called Joint Application Modeling (JAM) Sessions. The intent was to further enhance the way in which John Deere goes about designing products for their customers.


Harvest Mobile


John Deere

What We Did

Joint Application Modeling (JAM) Sessions, Visualization, Training

Let’s JAM

OneSpring performed a 2 day JAM Session to define the Harvest Mobile iPad application which is used on harvesting equipment to better understand yields based on environment conditions, weather, and equipment.   The JAM is a highly focused interactive event where ideas are designed and tested in real-time with stakeholders. The goal is to develop the right products in less time.

Training for Future Growth

John Deere hired OneSpring to train their teams on how best to perform JAM Sessions internally. The goal was to help them integrate JAM into their current Agile Scrum process.