Project Overview

OneSpring employed our visualization approach to help the USCG improve the overall usability, efficiency and effectiveness of its CMS application in support of vessel launch. To accomplish this, OneSpring ran a Joint Application Modeling (JAM)® workshop on-site at the USCG’s shipbuilding facilities. In just three days, team members from OneSpring and the USCG addressed every major problem with the legacy system and rapidly prototyped an enhanced application using User Experience best practices.


Sentinel CRM



What We Did

Facilitation, Visual Design, Visualization, Functional Requirements Definition

Cruising with the USCG

USCG brought OneSpring onboard to define complex system requirements in support of the Sentinel Class Cutter vessel.  OneSpring provided backend support to help the USCG to better understand the requirements they were trying to achieve.

Developing With USCG

OneSpring worked over a condensed and highly focused timeframe to achieve results.  This was accomplished by running parallel disciplines (UX, Design, and Facilitation) over the period of performance to produce requirements quickly and to achieve the USCG’s goals. ­­­