5 Myths of Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

5. RIA’s provide the perfect vehicle for sexy,splashy sites
4. RIA’s bring people-centered design to information workspaces.
3. If you’ve designed web sites, you can design RIA’s
2. It’s just like our software! Of course our users will understand it!
1. Because of their very nature, RIA’s provide a better User Experience
than traditional HTML sites.

Webcast Date: Tuesday, March 18, 2008 3:20 pm; MyCatalyze.org

Duration: 59 mins

Description: What are Rich Internet Applications or RIAs? Are they the panacea for everything that ails us? User Experience expert Laurie Gray from OneSpring discusses some of the most common attitudes toward RIA’s and addresses the 5 biggest myths surrounding this exciting technology.

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