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Becoming an iRise Certified Modeler

By June 11, 2012No Comments

As a Visualization Designer, I often leverage the tool iRise. This tool enables me to translate business and marketing requirements into visualizations. In order to effectively do this, I need to attain a high-level of skill, knowledge, and proficiency in iRise. Moreover, I need to communicate these experiences to others and increase confidence in my abilities. One way in which I have sought to accomplish these goals is by passing the iRise Certified Modeler Exam.

The iRise Certified Modeler Exam is one of three certifications that iRise provides for their users; the format of the exam is straightforward and accessible. There are 75 questions total with 1 hour given to complete the exam. It is administered online and can be taken at anywhere that there is a reliable internet connection. The user has two chances to take the exam within 30 days (which is helpful as the first time I attempted the exam, my Safari page would not load, so I needed the second chance–I would recommend using a different web browser). Most of the questions deal directly with studio tools and capabilities, though many questions ask about reviewer feedback and the benefits of using iRise. Overall, the exam was very reasonable for someone working in iRise everyday. However, it still would be helpful for anyone taking the exam to review some tips and hints. There are tips for both preparing for and taking the exam.

In preparing for the exam, there are several areas on which I would recommend focus. First, utilize iRise resources. There are a number of online resources that iRise provides for those preparing to take the exam or wanting to expand their knowledge. These materials include tutorials, a study guide, and a practice exam. A few questions on the exam are taken directly from these materials. I would also recommend familiarizing yourself with vocabulary. It is useless to know the function of a widget if you do not know its name. Consider a study of the glossary that iRise provides on its Help System. Similarly, know the structure of your studio page, such as where and what comprises the details panel, user input widgets, and formatting bar. Do not assume that working in iRise everyday will prepare you for this aspect of the exam.

While taking the exam, there are a few ways in which you can increase your chances at success. In conjunction with preparation, print out a list of defined vocabulary and a labeled diagram of your studio page for reference. You will have time to consult these resources for a few questions. However, be cognizant of time. Pace yourself and limit how often you look up vocabulary, but do not feel too pressured by time. This was not much of an issue for me. The best way to avoid time crunches is to prepare sufficiently for the exam. With this preparation in combination with an experienced, working knowledge of iRise, you will be able to pass the Certified Modeler Exam in no time!

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