Spotify Invitation: Day 2

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After one full day of using Spotify I can really see this as not only an iTunes replacement but Pandora as well. Admittedly their interface feels like a dated version of iMovie but considering I can listen to any music for $9.99 and still take it with me in “offline” mode, buying music feels so…90’s. Granted you can take Pandora with you but then you are listening to the same 20-30 songs per “station”. With Spotify I can create my own playlists, subscribe to other people’s lists, create combined/shared lists and sync those lists via WiFi (eliminating 1 of 9 cables on my desk) and then flag up to 3,333 songs to take offline.

Friday’s invitation has been used so here is today’s.

Saturday’s Invitation: daJybBw4rAC2yZMM


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