Valuing Our Customers

By March 14, 2011No Comments

Recently I was dining with some friends at a favorite local restaurant, but sadly that day the dining experience was not up to par. It turned out that our food order was never actually placed; our experience was extremely negative, and the restaurant could have handled the matter a number of different ways, but what they chose to do was cover the entire, expensive, meal.

Because of this exceptional customer service action at the end of the meal, we’ll go back to that restaurant again, and we left with a favorable impression.

This experience shows that service-oriented businesses that value their customers, have the potential to retain them even when the overall service experience was poor. When you or your business makes a mistake, admit it, and then immediately make an effort to set things right. At OneSpring, we aim to own, and be accountable, for providing an exceptional customer service experience.

To our audience, have you had similar customer service experiences in dealing with professional services firms? If so, what did the firm do, if anything, to resolve your concerns?

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