Project Overview

OneSpring has been working Travelport since 2011 and has worked on a vast array of projects. One such project Travelport engaged OneSpring was to design and build their new FlightMatch iPad app. The initial goal of FlightMatch was to help users make a quick, confident decision about a roundtrip flight option with a small, focused amount of data transactions.





What We Did

Mobile, Facilitation, Visual Design, User Experience, Visualization, Functional Requirements Definition, Process Improvements

Evolving the Way Consumers Travel

Travelport owns and operates one of the leading travel and hospitality platforms on the market today. As such, they are always looking to improve the customer journey. As such, OneSpring teamed with Travelport to improve their Customer Experience process as well as their User Experience approach.

Lead with Design

OneSpring believes strongly in utilizing design to define complex problems. The reason being is that good design helps tell a story. It does not matter if we are using design to define a next generation mobile application or complex travel system, the premise is the same.   How do you take something complex and put it in a form that can be easily shared and understood? This is the basis of our work with Travelport.