OneSpring uses new QR code technology

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If you just scanned a QR Code to get to this page, congratulations! You just used a QR (Quick Response) code which is rapidly becoming ubiquitous on Websites, product packaging, business cards, marketing assets and more. QR Codes enable you to quickly scan a unique graphic with one of several, free smart phone apps and instantly be taken to a pre-entered URL on your mobile device. Read more about QR Codes on Wikipedia. QR Code points to the new Capture pageWant to test out this great new technology? Just grab your smartphone and scan the QR code to the left. (Don’t have a free scanning app on your smartphone yet? *see the bottom of the page). This works great if you want to easily send a user to a specific Web page or video on YouTube without having them type in anything or even click on anything. If you scan this QR code successfully you will be taken to the new Capture page on

* List of Free QR Code Scanning Apps

Here are a list of some of the freely available QR code and bar code scanning smartphone apps. NOTE: is not affiliated with these external, third-party companies. We cannot be held liable for any software, content, operation, availability of said links or apps. Tip: Visit the links below from your smartphone browser to download a free QR code scanner.


QR Reader for iPhone
iPhone iTunes App Store Link

QR Scanner for iPhone
iPhone iTunes App Store Link


Barcode Generator for Android
Android Market Link
ScanLife Barcode Reader for Android
Android Market Link


QR Code Scanner Pro-Free for Blackberry
Blackberry App World Link
Code Muncher Free QR Reader for Blackberry
Blackberry App World Link

Need to create your own QR Code graphic? Google has added a very neat feature to their URL shortening service. When you shorten a URL with, just add a “.qr” to the end of the shortened URL. For example, this URL points to our home page and if you simply add “.qr” at the end you will see it goes to a dynamically generated, scannable QR code image:

You can also resize your QR code from Google dynamically by using their Charts API. Just add your address to the end of this URL and change the size to whatever you like, this one will display at 120×120 pixels:×120&choe=UTF-8&chld=H&chl=

And you can even place the resized image in your Web pages by adding the same Google Chart API URL to an HTML image tag like this: QR Code

Read more about QR Codes on Wikipedia.

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